Are you experiencing leaks, poor drainage or some sort of plumbing issue? In Ottawa there are many plumbing companies to choose from. Here are a few tips to follow that should make choosing a plumber stress-free.

Before hiring an Ottawa plumbing company, check with them to ensure that their plumbers are full-time employees, who work off a salary, rather than earning commission. Unlike freelance plumbers, full-time employees are accountable on an ongoing basis for the work they do, both to their customers and their company’s reputation. Secondly, not having commission in the equation eliminates the temptation for plumbers to over charge you on services. Before you actually have any work done get a price in writing. This way you’re protect from unexpected surprises when it’s time to make payment. Confirm also that any additional work must first be approved by you before it starts.

Avoid paying extra fees. Some companies charge more for off-hours visits, if you can avoid having to pay extra fees. Clarify with them that the job won’t be subject to extra charges. Do your homework when you search. Make use of the Internet, it has helped consumers in almost all industries in terms of getting a sense for what sort of company they’ll be dealing with. If there are sites with customer reviews check those out as well. Find out about warranties and guarantees. Any highly-reputable plumbing company will guarantee their service and offer warranty.

It’s always a plus to have a company that practices cleanliness. Its only good work ethic that after a job is done the plumbers/drain technicians clean up and leave your home just like it was found. Some home owners are particular about work being done that can mess up there rugs or tiles. You may even request that workers wear booties to cover their shoes when working in your home. A good company will ensure that employee trucks are stocked with all the parts they may need for standard jobs, rather than them having to make regular trips.

These are the main factors to keep mind, once you follow these tips you should have no problem obtaining a good plumbing company.