It doesn’t matter where you live in Canada, basement floods happen. In Ottawa, sometimes you can manage the flood without an emergency plumber.

It’s always disruptive, and likely a lot of work. But knowing if you should call will likely set your mind at ease.

There’s basically only two types of basement leaks. Those that result from faulty plumbing, and those that don’t.

· Heavy rains and rapid springtime melts allow water into cracks in basement walls.

· Leaky basement windows let water in.

.Perimeter drains don’t always work as well as they should.

· Gutters overflow and downspouts get clogged.

· An obstruction in the connection between your house and the street’s main sewer from a sewer backup causes a nasty basement flood.

· Sump pumps that stop pumping water from the foundation drainage system will have you up to your ankles soon enough, too.

· Burst pipes, old connections, faulty plumbing — all add to the risk of a basement flood.

· Old water heaters leak slowly or eventually fail completely to empty their entire contents of preheated water to flood the basement floor.

Act immediately. The Ottawa plumber rule of thumb is “If in doubt take a picture with your phone and send it to us!” If you can manage on your own, we direct you to the resources to do so. If not, we are your emergency plumber in Ottawa for basement floods.

Basement Flood! Call Canada Plumbing — Your Emergency Plumber in Ottawa!

Even if we come to rescue you from your flooded basement, some things stay on your To-Do List.

· Get the garbage out asap! Take it to the landfill or call a hauling service. But get it OUT! (It will soon start to smell if it doesn’t already.)

· Anything that can be washed, wash with super-hot water and liquid detergent. Rinse and dry completely.

· Disinfect floors and walls with bleach. One cup of bleach in every 5 gallons of water.

· Discard drywall and insulation unless a professional says otherwise.

· Soak up the water and let everything dry. Fans help.

No matter the season, mother nature has a way of flooding basements in Ottawa. Canada Plumbing services offers basement flooding prevention and emergency plumber rescue! Call us at 613 890 7700 or send us a text and a picture of the problem. We’ll come to help!

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