So, after all the hard do-it-yourself work you’ve done, you now realize that you still have the same problem happening to your sink faucet over and over and over again. Now that’s really frustrating and you just can’t live with it anymore. You’re left with two options – you either throw it out or you get a professional to come fix the issue.


That’s why you should heed this advice given by professional plumbers about how you can decide what’s best to do for your sink faucet situation.


Average plumbing costs.

  • An average plumbing cost is generally between $175 and $250.
  • It includes problems such as fixtures needing repairs and clogs. It also includes a very common problem with single handle faucets is a faulty stem. It causes your faucet to leak around the handles and it also causes hot and cold water to mix improperly.
  • The cost of a replacement stem can be around $40.
  • Cartridges can cost between $40 and $200.


Cost of replacing a bathroom sink faucet.

  • The cost of a sink faucet could be around $50, but a quality faucet can cost up to a few hundred dollars.
  • The cost of installing a basic sink faucet can range between $200 and $300 (this includes labor and materials).


Time frame it takes to repair a bathroom sink faucet.

  • It may take professionals about half an hour to an hour to fix your bathroom sink faucet, as long as they have all the proper parts ready and waiting.


Is repairing your faucet worth it?

  • The professionals don’t think it’s worth fixing a regular faucet. However, if you have a high quality, expensive faucet, you may want to get it fixed.
  • Most faucets last about 10 years, but if for instance, yours lasts for 8 or 9 years out of that 10, you may want to repair it, because at that point it will cost more to repair than to replace.


If you’re not sure, you can simply contact us and have us evaluate your bathroom sink faucet and give you our opinions on it. That way you’ll be better able to make the right decision. We’re plumbers who care about all aspects of the well-being of your family and your home. Contact the professionals if you need help with plumbing problems or more. We’ve got experienced and affordable plumbers in Ottawa. With just one call, we can help you solve your plumbing needs and offer you emergency plumbing services!