Most of us don’t know much at all about plumbing – we just let the plumbers do all the work. It’s not a bad idea to gain a little general knowledge about some of the basic things about our plumbing system. It might just help you in the case of avoiding or dealing with an emergency one day. So here are a few things you should know:


  • You should know where the source of your home’s water supply is and how to shut it off.


  • You should know about the water meter and water bill. Knowing how these things work can help you monitor and avoid unnecessary expenses.


  • You should know how to check your water pressure – using a water pressure gauge can give you an accurate reading.


  • You should know the location of the clean-out plugs and understand your sewage system. Knowledge of these things can help you with a backup problem with the plumbing or with a clog.


  • You should know if the relief valve is functioning.


  • You should know where your home’s gas supply is. You should also know which of your appliances are gas-related, for e.g. your gas-operated water heater.


  • You should know the location of the shut-off valves for all your plumbing fixtures are.


  • You should know where the air conditioning condensation lines are. If you have condensation lines that aren’t working well, then they won’t drain water properly.


  • You should know how to shut the water heater inlet off. You need to know this just in case your water heater leaks and the water in it starts draining out.


  • You should know how to shut the water supply off for the individual plumbing appliances. This can save extensive damage to your appliance or to your home if you have a leak or some other problem.


You can do it! If you think you aren’t that qualified to do it, you don’t need to worry, just give us a call. We’re plumbers who care about all aspects of the well-being of your family and your home. Contact the professionals if you need help with plumbing problems or more. We’ve got experienced and affordable plumbers in Ottawa. With just one call, we can help you solve your plumbing needs and offer you emergency plumbing services!