So you ran inside to get away from that cold, freezing rain outside, until you can into your living room and realized it was raining inside too. That’s right, pit-pat pit-pat, right on top of your head. Really inconvenient! Now you need to stop what you’re doing and try to figure out what the source of the leak is – this may be a little challenging.


Ceiling leaks can be caused by faulty plumbing. The leak may not be at the point where the water enters the home. Since water follows the easiest path, it is when it reaches its lowest point on a point in which there is a blockage that it begins to pool and leak out. That’s why you should ensure that you evaluate and eliminate the most probable causes or sources of the leakage first. We’ll help you do that in these tips. Read on:


  • See if the leak only happens when there’s bad weather or if it happens despite the weather conditions. If it only occurs during bad weather conditions, this is an indication that the leak probably starts somewhere in your roof. On the other hand, if the leaking occurs in good or bad weather, it probably originated from a plumbing water supply line.


  • Is it fresh water that’s leaking? If it is, then it’s probably coming from a fixture or a leaking plumbing line. If it isn’t clean or if it stains the ceiling, then it’s probably a leak in the roof.


  • Get a flashlight and check the attic. Look for the area between the roof joists where the ceiling is wet. Remove the insulation that’s blocking it and check the plumbing line next to the leak (if there is one) and see if there is a leak or moisture.


  • While you’re in the attic, check to see if there are any spots where the light shines in. Push a plastic straw through the hold so it’ll make it easier for you to find when you’re ready to repair it from on top the roof.


  • Take a look at the inside of the attic ceiling for water stains or for trails of water. If there are any, follow them to their source. If there aren’t any obvious holes, try to remember that area, because that water may be entering beneath the roof flashing and it may cause the leak.


  • Go to the top of the roof and take a look at the valley flashing, gaskets around plumbing vents, dormer vents, flashing around chimneys, utility entrances or other roof protrusions. See if there are any shingles that need repairing or replacing – they may be the cause of the leaking.


  • Can you think of all the areas of the roof where two different materials meet? Check those places – look between siding, shingles or flashing and see if any of those materials are damaged or corroded, because they may be the sources of the ceiling leak.


  • Maybe your downspouts or gutters are clogged. Check them out because they can cause drainage water to back up, get under flashing and cause the ceiling to leak.



Check out that leak and see if you can locate the source of the leak. If you can’t you can give us a call and we can do it for you. We’re plumbers who care about all aspects of the well-being of your family and your home. Contact the professionals if you need help with plumbing problems or more. We’ve got experienced and affordable plumbers in Ottawa. With just one call, we can help you solve your plumbing needs and offer you emergency plumbing services!