You probably don’t know it, but most of the plumbing for your home is located on the outside of your house. Why? First off, if you had all the pipes that are outside your home, on the inside instead, it would look horrible! Secondly, the portable water supply comes from the public supply on the outside of your property and the waste water from your property, flows straight back outside, and into the public cleaning facilities.


Even though most of the plumbing is outside, you still need to remember to take care of it just as much as you do the ones outside! Keep reading as we show three common problems that you should keep an eye out for.


  • The first is clogged pipes. It’s actually one of the most common ones. Many times it can be caused by tree roots. The roots actually grow into minute cracks in the pipes, searching for water and nutrition, and grow thicker and longer and eventually clog the pipes up. You will need an expert plumber to conduct a video inspection and then rid the pipes of these roots.


  • Secondly, we have frozen outdoor pipes, which is quite a big problem in winter. Such freezing temperatures may cause pipes to burst when the water in them turns to ice and expands. You may not even notice until spring comes back around, when the ice melts and causes damage to your home. Call a plumber as soon as you realize what has happened!


  • The third is corroded galvanized pipes. They are pretty much expected to last for about 20 – 50 years without corroding (if they are well-maintained, that is). Still, there are many older houses which have been built with galvanized iron pipes for their plumbing system, which can corrode when the zinc coating on the inside wears away. This can have some serious implications, including lead poisoning, mineral dense water, severe leakage and sewerage water getting into your portable water supply.


These are not plumbing problems to play around with. The can cause health problems, cause property damage, cost you lots of money and be very inconvenient for your daily activities. Contact the professionals if you have plumbing problems like these and more. We’ve got experienced and affordable plumbers in Ottawa. With just one call, we can help you solve your plumbing needs and offer you emergency plumbing services!