That smell in your drain has been bothering you for quite a while. You don’t want to invite anyone over just yet. You need to get that horrible smell out, so you can invite people in.


Surprisingly, a smelly sink drain can be a simple matter to fix, so easy that you can do it yourself, or it can be a really difficult task, one where you’ll need your plumber to come in and fix. Don’t let that embarrassing and likely unhealthy odor keep bothering you any longer. Here are some of the reasons your sink drains might be smelly:


  • You may have a dried-out P-Trap, which you can fix by doing something as easy as pouring water in the sink. Remember, the P-trap is the curved drainpipe underneath the sink that captures water and forms a buffer that prevents poisonous sewage gases from escaping into your home. Your P-trap may have gotten dried out after a few weeks of use, which caused the water inside it to evaporate.


  • You may have a broken or blocked sewer line, which may not only cause your sinks to smell, but cause your drains to empty slowly and makes a bubbling sound. You’ll need the experts to help you with this one.


  • You may have venting issues. Your home most likely has a venting pipe that exits through the roof. It serves to carry sewer gases out, into the atmosphere. Unfortunately, if they become clogged, the gases will travel right back into your house. That’s not healthy at all. Neither is trying to unclog the vent yourself, that’s why you need to call a plumber…



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