Houston, we’ve got a problem – a plumbing problem!

Those pipes and drains keep giving you problems? Do they wait until the MOST INCONVENIENT moments to clog, leak and burst? We know how annoying that can be! Here’s a list of the 10 most common and most annoying plumbing emergencies of all time.


  • First, we have clogged sinks, which may not necessarily be the biggest and scariest, but they can be very inconvenient. Your sink may drain slowly or stop completely and this can alter your everyday schedule.
  • Second, we have clogged toilets. It might leak, make weird sounds or even refuse to flush. Keep in mind, that the toilet is one of the most used fixtures in the home, so we don’t want to have that malfunctioning for too long.
  • Third on the list is clogged bathtubs and shower drains. A buildup in hair and soap scum is the main causes of it. You may hear gurgling noises and extremely slow drainage.
  • Fourth of all, we have leaky faucets and toilets. Your water bills are on the rise and so is mold growth and rust formation in your home – not to mention the constant, frustration dripping sound.
  • Fifth, we have the leaking water heater. This can sky-rocket your energy bills – it could be diminishing your water supply, thus wasting away your finances. You may need to replace the heater’s water valve or change your heater completely.
  • Sixth, we have leaky washing machine hoses. Although machines are usually strong appliances, their hoses can be the opposite. Pay attention to cracks or bulges in your machine’s hose, because they could worsen.
  • Broken water lines are our seventh plumbing emergency, which can lead to low water pressure, poor water quality or damp areas in the yard. They can be caused by tree roots, earthquakes and bad shoveling.
  • At number eight, we have burst pipes, which can be caused by the freeze-thaw cycle. You made need to hire the experts to carry out an entire pipe replacement.
  • Ninth, we have no hot water. Although this could just be an issue with your utility company, it can also be caused by a plumbing leaker, a water heater malfunction or an electrical problem.
  • Tenth and finally, we have sewer system backups, which may be indicated by the following: gurgling toilets, more than one drain clogs, sewage odors and water flooding around the basement floor drain.


Call the plumbing ambulances! Contact the professionals if you have plumbing problems like these and more. We’ve got experienced and affordable plumbers in Ottawa. With just one call, we can help you solve your plumbing needs and offer you emergency plumbing services.