Take the time to observe your drains and their functioning and if you notice things about them like…

  • They’re slow
  • They don’t function as they should
  • They make you question their longevity

You need your drain pipes, sewer line and septic tank to help you get through the day, so you need them to be fully functional. We know that when you’re out and about your daily activities, whether it be with work or the kids, your plumbing system is likely to get used quite a lot (and sometimes even abused), but never really taken care of. That’s why we advise that you take the time out to ensure that your drainage system is good to go and to keep going.


You’ll be really glad to experience the benefits of drain cleaning by the experts. Don’t waste another minute! You’ll experience:

  • A faster and more effective drainage. That way you won’t have to stand in a pool of shower water and wait for it to drain, nor would you have to pray that your kitchen sink drains when you’re done doing the dishes. That can be really time-consuming and frustrating.


  • A reduced possibility of serious clogs. They always say that prevention is better than cure and that’s absolutely right. That’s why we recommend professional unclogging and maintenance. By keeping your drains clean, you are actually working to prevent a major clog in your system.


  • Improved system longevity. Giving your plumbing system some regular TLC is going to result in it lasting longer and functioning much better. Take care of it.



You need to know who to call for maintenance for your plumbing system and if you have any other issues. We’re those professionals you need to call if you have plumbing problems like these and more. We’ve got experienced and affordable plumbers in Ottawa. With just one call, we can help you solve your plumbing needs and offer you emergency plumbing services.