Most people in Ottawa look forward to the spring season, with the exception of those who suffer from sinuses and allergies maybe. Although your plumbing may have survived the winter, spring comes with its own set of potential repairs as well. Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that your plumbing stays in great condition.

  • To prevent the p-trap from drying up and sewage odors from entering the house, try pouring water down the drains, especially those you rarely use. At the same time you can make sure all drains are operating properly.
  • Remember to bring the water heater temperature down if you had it turned up for the winter. You can avoid potential damages from excessive heat and better yet save money on your bill.
  • You may need waterproofing, if you find any water running into the house.
  • Now that all the ice is dissolved, take the opportunity to do some check up on your plumbing around the house. Look for any leaks and cracks.
  • Melting snow can potentially find its way into your home through cracks in the foundation. Many Ottawa home face this problem after the winter season.
  • Clear out any blockage in your gutter once you can safely do so.
  • Avoid using chemical cleaners for clogged drains that you might discover.
  • Don’t forget to check your appliances. Check the hoses for the dishwasher, washing machine for swollen bulges, cracks or leaks.

Spring is the best time to check out all these small issues to avoid bigger more costly issues in the future. You can also use the spring season to search for and uproot any potentially harmful tree roots in pipes but if you try doing things yourself and can’t tell head from tails, just call in a Canada plumbing professional to inspect your home for you.