Well, it’s still pretty much summertime and there’s still a lot to do. There’s still so much time to have fun and enjoy the warmth of nature. We hope you’ve been doing the right things so far and if you haven’t we’ll explain to you some of the things that you shouldn’t be doing at all. Take a keen look at these pointers and maybe they can help you out sometime in the future. Here goes:


  1. Mow Away From The Sprinklers! Yes, the look and smell of freshly cut grass is awesome in the summer, but you still need to stay aware of what’s underneath your lawnmower. You don’t want to accidentally cut off a sprinkler head or a yard clean out drain that’s’ above ground level. That can cause huge problems.


  1. Be Gentle On The Hose! No need to yank it or jerk it to get it where you want it. Constant yanking of the hose can cause the hose bib to break and if the shut-off valves break, you can be in for some watery trouble. You can end up with a flooded lawn or garden and even property damage.


  1. Take Care Of The Washing Machine! Make sure that you check your hoses and lines often. Check them out for bulges or crooked areas. Also, take a look at your filter and outlets. A lot of sandy clothes can cause drain blockage in your washing machine and it can lead to flooding.


  1. Take Your Water Off When You Take Leave! When you’re going on a trip, the best thing to do I to take your water off. What if a pipe bursts inside your house? That would be an awful welcome-home gift! So, don’t take the risk.


  1. Remember Your Annual Root Removal! Spring and summer is when plant roots thrive. They can start to grow through crack in your sewer, fill up your pipes and cause a blockage and a blockage can lead to sewer line backups.


  1. Remember Your Kitchen Drains! When stuff like food bits, pieces of tissue, fat/oils and other stuff go down your drain, instead of into your garbage, that can cause quite an issue of buildup and blockage.


These tips can help you avoid disaster and they can help you save money on your water bill too. Contact the professionals if you are experiencing summer plumbing problems. We’ve got experienced and affordable plumbers in Ottawa. With just one call, we can help you solve your plumbing needs and offer you emergency plumbing services!