If it says “drain cleaner”, it’s probably no good. Although they’re really popular because they’re effective and cheap, they aren’t good for your drain at all. They may get the job done but they definitely have some downfalls. Yes, they’re kind of tempting to use when you need that drain cleared up ASAP, but we think you should at least know the reasons why they’re no good.

  • The chemicals in the drain cleaner are too strong for your drains. The cleaners use harsh chemicals to burst through the tough clog. This lets your drain start working again temporarily, however, if the drain cleaner can eat through your log, it can eat through your pipes (well…eventually). Your pipes will be damaged and they’re much more expensive to fix than unblocking a clog.
  • There are pollutants in drain cleaners.They can actually be extremely harmful to the environment and to the water systems that we deposit them into.
  • They leave residue behind. Every time you pour drain cleaner down your pipes, they leave back a little something. Guess what? – This residue builds up and eventually causes the pipe to clog again.

A better option would be to call your professional plumber to remove all the dirt and debris in the pipe naturally. The best way to deal with this or any other type of plumbing problem is to contact your local plumbing company – like us! We’ve got experienced and affordable plumbers in Ottawa. With just one call, we can help you solve your plumbing needs and offer you emergency plumbing services.