The beauty of the trees in Toronto’s gorgeous neighborhoods provides a covering of shade for people strolling in the streets to enjoy. They are lovely to look at and they house little critters and birds. Their roots might not be the most thrilling thing about them though.


Tree roots may be underground and hardly ever seen, whilst they are doing catastrophic damage to things like sewer lines and plumbing systems. Sewer pipes are the ideal condition for trees, because their roots don’t thrive in bare water. They need some sort of solidity present – sewer pipes provide moist conditions, nutrients and oxygen that the tree needs.


Once the tree root has grown into the loose joints or cracks in your pipe, it can grow into hair-like extensions get tangle up with things that are going down your drain pipes. They can even cause sewage to back up through the drainage.


A drain camera inspection can show if there are tree roots in the drain. A professional (like one of ours) can run a camera down in the pipes to check out the possible presence of a root. If you are looking for an experienced and affordable plumber in Ottawa, then give us a call for all of your Ottawa plumbing needs and emergency plumbing services.