Is there mold or mildew building up around the tub? Stains, sags or bubbles in the ceiling or on the wall? Is there a musty smell in the bathroom all the time?


If so, these may be signs that you’ve got a plumbing leak somewhere!

You may not always be able to notice these things, but just in case you do, it’s a good idea to get your plumbing checked out ASAP.


Although leaks in your sink many times go unnoticed, you still need to pay attention to any wetness or pools of water behind or below the sink. You may need to change or tighten the shuttle valve, because you may have a supply leak. You may also have a corrosion of the p-trap or a loose connection, if the water is actually leaking from the drain.


Alternately, a toilet leak may occur, without you seeing or smelling it. You may most likely hear it sound like it’s flushing, when it’s not. This may be a tank leak.


If you’re in Ottawa and you suspect a leak, don’t wait around – it can do more damage than you think. It’s time to check the experts. Give Canada Plumbing a call today! We have Ottawa plumbers who specialize in fixing leaks, drains, sinks and sink fixtures, and more plumbing problems.