We don’t only clean up your drains; we do much more than that! Our experts can offer you services in sewer line installation, replacement and repair. We can help you resolve problems that are caused by:


  • Settling, frozen ground or shifting soil, which results in broken, cracked, collapsed or offset pipes.


  • Deteriorated or broken pipes, which result in restricted flow and collapses in the line, caused by corrosion.


  • A bellied pipe, which results from a sunken section of the pipe, caused by soil conditions.


  • A broken seal between pipes, which lets water escape and gather in the pipe’s surrounding area. It’s known as a leaking joint.


  • Tree or plant roots that have grown into the sewer line, obstructing the normal cleaning of the line or damaging the line.


  • Foreign object obstruction or grease buildup that results in improper flow of water through the pipe or inability to clean the line.


  • Substandard material pipes, which have eventually corroded or deteriorated.



We use the following method to resolve the previously stated issues:

  • Traditional Repair Methods
  • Trenchless Repair Methods
  • Pipe Bursting
  • Pipe Relining


You should not try to fix most of t these issues yourself. The best way to deal with these or any other type of plumbing problem is to contact your local plumbing company – like us! We’ve got experienced and affordable plumbers in Ottawa. With just one call, we can help you solve your plumbing needs and offer you emergency plumbing services.