So, let’s just say, your kids came up with a brilliant idea for their playtime game today. Let’s assume that game is called the “take mommy’s favorite china ornament and make it disappear…down the toilet!” game. Cool game, huh?


You have 2 options:

  • Get mad and put the kids on time-out for the rest of their childhoods…OR…
  • Keep a cool head and follow these instructions on how to get the item out.



You need to know that you may have to remove the entire toilet from the floor to get at the item.


  1. Get a plumber’s snake (coil of wire you can unwind to clear your drain) or get a coat hanger and unwind it so that you’ll have a long, sturdy piece of wire.


  1. Take it into the bowl and try to get a hold of the object with it, but if you can, just leave it alone. If you push it any further, you might cause it to block the waste pipe.


  1. If the previous steps fail, then you’ll have to remove the toilet.


  1. Shut off the toilet’s water supply, by turning off the shut-off valve under or behind the toilet. If you can’t find it, then shut off the water supply to the entire house.


  1. Drain the tank by flushing the toilet and remove the remaining water with a sponge and a cup.


  1. Use pliers to remove the bolts holding the toilet to the floor.


  1. Let someone help you lift the toilet up. Use the bowl area to lift it, not the tank.


  1. Put the toilet on its side, so you can access the bottom of it.


  1. Use the plumber’s snake or the stretched out clothes hanger to remove the item from the bowl.


  1. Reinstall the toilet and then when you’re finished, turn the water supply back on.



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