The drain’s clogged again! What are you going to do? You’ve tried everything, but nothing’s working. So you give up and go buy a liquid drain cleaner, right? WRONG!


This is a bad choice for the following reasons:
– The possible harmful effects it can have on your pipes. Some cleaners may be so strong, that their chemicals can begin to break down the pipes after they have gone through the organic matter within the drain. This is probably not what you want to keep doing if you want your pipes to last you really long.

– Who says it’ll even work? The fancy names, TV advertisements and promises written all over the bottle may simply be ways to distract you from the main ingredients which you may have in your very kitchen, and even they aren’t guaranteed to work.

– Toxins in the chemical can pose a threat to your health. The main ingredient in most drain cleaners is sodium hydroxide, which is not very healthy to inhale. You need to be extra careful if you have children around.

– The environment doesn’t benefit from it either. Using liquid pipe cleaners can lead to deterioration in the health of the community, because these chemicals can sometimes get from the drains and into the pipes and leaks.
That’s concerning! You could probably use the help of a pro right now. We know to unblock drains safely and easily, so it’s time you made the call! If you are looking for an experienced and affordable plumber in Ottawa then check us out for all of your Ottawa plumbing needs and emergency plumbing services.