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Is Your Plumbing Trying to Tell You Something?

What’s that weird noise? Do you hear gurgling or bubbling sounds? Do you smell something absolutely awful in the bathroom? Your plumbing system may be talking to you!   A plumbing system often shows signs of possible problems.   Slower drains take forever to empty the shower and they make […]

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What’s so bad about liquid drain cleaners?

The drain’s clogged again! What are you going to do? You’ve tried everything, but nothing’s working. So you give up and go buy a liquid drain cleaner, right? WRONG! This is a bad choice for the following reasons: – The possible harmful effects it can have on your pipes. Some […]

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Do Trees Grow in Pipes?

The beauty of the trees in Toronto’s gorgeous neighborhoods provides a covering of shade for people strolling in the streets to enjoy. They are lovely to look at and they house little critters and birds. Their roots might not be the most thrilling thing about them though.   Tree roots […]

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